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Why Equity Corps

Equity Corps' Professional Management On Demand Professional Management On Demand is an alternative to conventional C(x)O search.  Two simple observations were the impetus for introducing a new offering into an industry crowded with competitors and services – 1) conventional executive search is broken; 2) independent companies have a unique opportunity, but many are headed for trouble.

Conventional C(x)O Search is Broken     The apparatus for matching executives with companies had failed to evolve with the executive talent market, and makes little sense in a short tenure world.  Specifically, we believe that conventional search is  -

Slow.  Conventional searches run 3 – 6 months and longer.  Six months today is more than 20% of mean CFO tenure.

Inefficient.  33% of retained searches fail.  In 1985, when executive tenure was 7+ years, perhaps this was tolerable.  In today’s operating environment - characterized by a talent shortage and compressing executive tenure, it is not.

Ineffective.  Companies that hire outside CEO’s endure failure nearly twice as often as companies promoting from within.  These are failed conventional searches.  They represent the tip of the ineffectiveness iceberg.

Mis-Priced.  In a world where tenure is compressing, neither a fixed fee (retained search), nor a transactional (contingency search) pricing model is friendly to hiring companies.  At best both only reward putting butts in seats.

The Opportunity for Independents     Independent companies are both poised to bear the brunt of the changes in the talent market, and also have an unprecedented opportunity to compete against big companies for top talent.  Big companies have the resources to tackle market challenges with elaborate talent acquisition and management programs.  Independent companies rarely have the luxury of similar resources, but often have what top talent, disillusioned with big corporate America, most craves – genuine opportunity.  Unfortunately, the available research suggests that most independent companies are unaware of this potential competitive advantage and are unprepared to exploit it. 

Equity Corps' Raison D'Etre     Equity Corps helps independent companies systematically beat the C(x)O search odds - acquire top talent and outperform financially.  This requires we differ from conventional C(x)O search in three ways —

 Proven C(x)Os Fast  (vs. months and months)

 Business Results Focus  (vs. staffing focus)

 Win-Win Fee Structure  (vs. lump sum fees)

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