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When to Call

First Call for Leadership     Please consider making Equity Corps your first call when seeking an outside President, C(x)O, or Sales Leader - permanent hire, interim, or test drive.  Our flexible operating model can help you close your leadership gap much faster than a conventional C(x)O search; our focus on business results can help increase the impact and effectiveness of your new C(x)O; and our win-win fee structure gives you the option of structuring your recruiting expense over time and sharing the financial risk of your new hire.

Need for Speed     When you are under the gun, we are at our best.  Because we maintain a team of fully vetted Operating Executives available for immediate deployment, we can sometimes deliver the executive you need within days.  We routinely deliver a slate of candidates within 30 - 45 days; considerably less than the 4 - 6 months often entailed in conventional C(x)O search.

Need for Flexibility     We specialize in developing custom solutions for companies in need of executive talent, including short term, flexible term, test drive, and permanent hire solutions.

Critical Business Situations     Equity Corps Operating Executives welcome the biggest challenges.  They have years of hands-on experience in the most demanding business situations - capital raises, rapid growth, complex technology implementation, IPOs, bankruptcy, turn-arounds. 

Special Projects      Equity Corps' team of Operating Executives is available for immediate flexible deployment to help you expedite a project or finesse a special situation.

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