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Permanent Employment is Toast!


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Permanent Employment Is Toast!

A Lively Discussion of Challenges & Opportunities in Executive Interim Management


Steve, it’s clear you have your finger on the pulse ... Your presentation was engaging and inspiring to our group, and more meaningful than ever at this turbulent time. I think each of us learned something strategic for our careers. Thanks so much.

Paul Brickman

Chairman, MENG, DC Chapter

Event Organizer - September 18, 2008

Thanks for a magnificent session last night. You provided a clear, comprehensive and useful description of the  field. The presentation was very well organized. Your style was enthusiastic and engaging. I've received several accolades.

Michael Cohen

President, IMC National Capital

Event Organizer - April 10, 2008

Good presentation yesterday, it's a great concept and may be a fit for where I am in my career.

John Ticer

Serial Technology CEO

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

You made many strong points and presented a compelling argument for Management on Demand.

Edward A. McCulloch

CEO, Daedalus Health Information Systems, Inc.

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

Thank you for your presentation – I found it both well presented and informative.

I have been seriously considering the ‘interim’ executive route - at this stage in my career and personal life it appears to be a very viable option if I can identify the right firm with which to partner. I have been networking with folks I know at Tatum but my background is not focused towards the pure financial, CFO or CIO type.

Reid Lohr

Overseas Investment & Foreign Affairs Consultant

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

Thanks for the presentation. It was very well put together and I enjoyed it. Working with many of my customers in manufacturing, much of your presentation echoed familiar - especially the difference between talent management/succession planning at publicly or private equity held companies vs. the small and medium-size privately held businesses.

Thomas A. Sloma-Williams

Publisher, Quality Magazine, NDT, Vision & Sensors

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

Your event was indeed very informative and intriguing.  Thanks for the session.

Gerald David

Principal, 3D Strategies, LLC

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

Thank you for inviting me to your seminar.  It was very interesting and informative.  I believe your vision, strategies, and interim executive management services can add significant value for clients and fit well with the market demand and trend.

Gary C.

Senior Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Executive

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed your session last week. It gave me a great perspective on interim employment and the exciting business opportunity at Equity Corps.

David Gentile

GM, Real Networks SMG

Discussion Participant - May 22, 2008

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