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...the most talented and grounded executives with whom I've had the pleasure...

Dave Rotella

Vice President

JTECH Communications


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Our Operating Executives

Our team includes Operating Executives with records of success in Family Owned Businesses, Private Equity sponsored companies, and the Fortune 500 .  Our Operating Executives' experience spans industries, functions, and corporate lifecycle stages.  Most team members are based in the Washington DC Metro area.

We work hard and take full responsibility for operating results.  Our Operating Executives share our belief in flexibility in the service of clients' needs, and are eager to work intensively for deployments ranging from three months to eighteen months to permanent.  Although many of our Operating Executives neither need, nor necessarily prefer permanent positions, approximately 40% of interim deployments do convert to permanent employment.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with frustrated Founders, Owners, and Investors to rapidly increase the value of their stakes in companies that can benefit from our experience, resources and passion for shareholder value.

Several characteristics distinguish Equity Corps. 

We Execute.     We believe business success is 98% execution - 2% strategy.  Every Equity Corps team member is an active operating executive eager to take personal responsibility for your business results.  Our team member's success at your company is supported by the relationships, experience and knowledge of the entire Equity Corps team.

Immediate Business Impact.     We invest in understanding your situation before we deploy.  We only accept projects for which we are overqualified.  Each deployed Operating Executive has access to the experience, knowledge and relationships of the entire Equity Corps team.  We enable you to move quickly, without sacrificing thoroughness or quality.

Flexibility.     Our operating structure enables us to customize our length of deployment to meet your needs; and to adjust in real time as those needs change. 

Sales & Marketing Mindset.     Equity Corps team members maintain a relentless customer focus and sales mindset.  Even our CFOs.  We believe that nothing happens until the cash register rings.

We Can Start Now.     Our operating structure enables us to deploy very quickly.


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