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The operating experience, expertise and resources...are invaluable.

Bill Cunningham

Managing Partner


How We Work

Before You Call     Equity Corps has built a network of proven Operating Executives who are flexible in the way that they work.  Our Operating Executives share our commitment to developing the right solution for each client, and are open to short-term, long-term, or permanent assignments.  We rigorously screen, interview, and investigate prospective new Operating Executives prior to inviting them to join the Equity Corps team.

Step 1 - Can We Help?     First, we spend 15 minutes to get a general understanding of your business situation and mission, and the management talent required.  If we agree that it might make sense to work together, we go to work gaining a deeper understanding and crafting the smartest solution for you.

Step 2 - Design     We spend 45 - 60 minutes face to face so that we can gain a deeper understanding of your business, and you can gain a deeper understanding of your options in working with us.  If we agree to proceed together, we write up a one page summary of our understanding of the project to ensure that we are on the same page.  (This is for purposes of clarity only, and is non-binding.  We require no contract in advance.  If we think it makes sense, we will go to work on a handshake.)

Step 3 - C(x)O Introductions     Based on your specifications, we introduce you to one or more Equity Corps Operating Executives suited to your situation and preferences.  For interim or project assignments, we can often make introductions within a few days.  For search (permanent hire) assignments, we can can typically assemble a slate of candidates within 30 - 45 days.

Step 3 - Due Diligence     We encourage clients to scrutinize candidates, particularly for fit with their organization, culture, and specific job requirements.  We also encourage clients to offer detailed financial and business information to prospective new team members, as this supports robust decision-making, builds mutual trust, and accelerates business impact.  It is not unusual for companies to request a 100 Day Plan, which can help both parties clarify their thinking and refine priorities and objectives. 

Step 4 - Closing the Deal     If you decide to proceed with a direct hire, we can assist with preparing an offer, negotiating an agreement, and consummating an Employment Agreement.  Equity Corps handles the contracting, billing, and payment for interim and project assignments.

After the Search     Once a deployment begins, we will continue to work with you and with the deployed Operating Executive to ensure mutual success.  By focusing on bottlenecks and key issues as your business mission unfolds, we can often bring additional Equity Corps resources and knowledge to bear to expedite your progress.  Because our fees are often structured over time and contingent on the continued service of our Operating Executive, we have a strong financial interest in your success.

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