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...a smart new way to acquire mission-critical executives.

Gregory Wesner


K&L Gates

Need a Trusted Lieutenant to Get the Job Done?

Success requires execution.  Without the right team in place, strategic brilliance comes to naught.  Large companies can afford to maintain elaborate talent acquisition and development programs, providing a deep management bench.  Independent companies rarely have this luxury.  Your success depends upon the quality of the management team you assemble.  Getting it right is no small task.   

Equity Corps helps independent companies systematically acquire and win with outside executive talent.  We aim to outperform conventional C(x)O Search in three important ways.

Proven C(x)Os Fast  (vs. months and months)

Business Results Focus  (vs. staffing focus)

Win-Win Fee Structure  (vs. lump sum fees)

When you need a trusted lieutenant - CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CTO or Sales VP - to get the job done, please consider Equity Corps. 

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