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Permanent Employment is Toast!

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...it's a great concept and may be a fit for where I

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John Ticer

Serial Technology CEO

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...a compelling argument for Management On


Ed McCulloch

CEO, Daedulus Health

on Permanent Employment Is Toast!

For Operating Executives

Equity Corps provides top quality Presidents, C(x)Os and Sales Leaders to mid and small-cap companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Equity Corps team members are prepared to step directly into leadership roles and have an immediate positive impact.  Engagements range from three to eighteen months, and average nine months.  Forty percent of engagements convert to a permanent hire.

Equity Corps was launched in December 2007 and is experiencing rapid growth.  We are actively recruiting new team members in the Washington DC Metro area.  Proven Operating Executives who are currently employed, in transition, and independent have all found value in joining our team.  We offer -

Always-On Sales & Marketing      Executive job tenures have compressed so much that even executives who maintain an almost constant personal marketing effort struggle to stay continuously engaged.  When fully engaged, corporate demands trump career management.  Equity Corps maintains a dedicated sales and marketing effort to uncover incremental opportunities for our Operating Executives.

Talent Pool & Knowledge Base      With Equity Corps' growing cross functional and cross industry team of 40+ members, and centuries of collective management experience, you have the ability to quickly access resources and knowledge to drive client results.

Control, Independence & Flexibility      Equity Corps Operating Executives participate in pre-engagement due diligence, and decide what engagements are of interest and on what terms.

Back Office      Equity Corps negotiates the client agreement, and handles proposal generation, contracting, and billing.

Equity Corps LLC     202-449-8500     C(x)O@equitycorps.com      www.equitycorps.com