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 As a remote owner, I slept well for the first time.  Better still, in spite of operational challenges and an unexpected hit to revenue, we grew cash flow and profits.

Mike Malik

Founder & CEO, Triad Communication

 ...it's a great concept and may be a fit for where I

am in my career.

John Ticer

Serial Technology CEO

 The operating experience, expertise and resources provided by Paul and the Equity Corps team are invaluable.

Bill Cunningham

Managing Partner, MBF LP

...Working with many of my customers in manufacturing, much of your presentation echoed familiar - especially the difference between talent management... at publicly or private equity held companies vs. the small and medium-size privately held businesses.

Thomas A. Sloma-Williams

Publisher, Quality Magazine

. . . one of the most talented and grounded executives with whom I've had the pleasure of working.  I highly recommend him.

Dave Rotella

Vice President, JTECH Communications

Thanks for a magnificent session last night...The presentation was very well organized. Your style was enthusiastic and engaging. I've received several accolades.

Michael Cohen

President, IMC National Capital

 Steve is a virtuoso operator who now runs Equity Corps - he places gifted managers in positions to effect strategic change.

Gregory Wesner

Partner, K&L Gates

 You made many strong points and presented a compelling argument for Management On Demand.

Edward A. McCulloch

CEO, Daedalus Health Information Systems, Inc.

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