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Blindsided by an Unexpected Executive Departure?

Executive Interim Management can help you gracefully bridge a critical leadership transition — and drive results.

Losing key management can diminish a company's value.  Competitors do not wait.  Your company's setback is their opportunity.  Your response - the speed with which you close your management gap and the capability of the executive you choose - will determine the impact on your company.  Expertly handled, a management transition can be an opportunity to increase shareholder value.  In challenging times, we recommend focusing on fundamentals.

Please consider.

Who's responsible for results?  No personal ownership = no results.

Is your incentive comp working for you?  Goal alignment matters; even more now.

Are you pacing to deliver your numbers next quarter?

Who is responsible for your search for a permanent executive?  How's your slate?

Are you losing good people?

How long can you afford a your leadership gap?  What is the cost of delay?

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