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Situation    Recruited by CEO to reorganize marketing and distribution, reverse a decline in U.S. revenue, and integrate acquisitions.  Key responsibilities included North American revenues of $25 Million for three business units, $3 Million sales and marketing budget, relationships with the top U.S. radio broadcasters, and team of 25.


Execution    Developed and Executed New Corporate Strategy.  Repositioned company from one-stop-shop to niche manufacturer.

Rationalized Distribution.  Established appropriate, discrete channels for each product line. Eliminated channel conflict.  Rebuilt damaged distributor network and direct sales team.  Recruited focused channel managers.  Clearly defined channel performance and implemented strong performance incentives.  Created company’s first business forecast and revenue reporting system.  Instituted sales training.  Initiated Key Account Management Program.  Developed senior relationships with national accounts. Closed $1.5 Million deal with National Radio Broadcast Company.  Sales up 62% in six months; 21% first year.

Rationalized Product Line.  Took low-margin products to end of life.  Reallocated marketing resources from general advertising to readable, targeted campaigns. Initiated telemarketing and direct mail programs.  Reduced advertising and marketing expenses 24%, while increasing revenue.


Results         • North American Sales Up $5.5 Million (62%) in 6 Months
• Reduced Marketing Costs 24%
• EBITDA Up 151% ($2 Million+)

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