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Steve Ely


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Summary Bio

Steve is founder of Equity Corps, and a cross-industry start-up, build-out, and turn-around veteran.  Steve has driven rapid increases in revenue, margins & EBITDA in challenging environments, and is experienced in private equity, founder, and family controlled businesses. 

Prior to founding Equity Corps, serving as an independent interim executive, Steve led business expansions, turn-arounds, and critical projects on behalf of founders and CEOs of challenged small-cap companies. Representative engagements include Campus Concepts (EVP/GM; 15 Months), Triad Communications (COO; 18 Months), and a Metro DC Wholesaler (COO & CFO; 9 Months).

Campus Concepts (EVP/GM) – Helped alternative media company reorganize its business, increasing revenue 57%, doubling margins to 40%, and converting a $500,000 EBITDA loss to a $2 Million profit.

Triad Communication (COO) – Helped niche marketing services company’s remote owner bridge a leadership transition, and simultaneously increased cash flow and profits.

Metro DC Wholesaler(COO/CFO) -- Installed business discipline, cash controls, and reporting, driving a $2+ Million increase in annual operating cash flow in less than 6 months. Resolved crucial intellectual property dispute, saving an estimated $400,000 annually.

Previously, Steve was recruited by Bain Capital to help turn-around J-Tech Communications as SVP, Sales and Marketing Worldwide . Within 12 months, Steve helped J-Tech increase revenues 19% to $30 Million+, increase EBITDA 113% to $3 Million, and divest the business. Prior to J-Tech, Steve helped turn-around Broadcast Electronics, a $40 Million manufacturer of a full line of radio broadcast equipment and Hoak Capital portfolio company. As VP Sales & Marketing N.A., Steve helped BE revise its corporate strategy and rationalize its distribution to capitalize on the consolidation in the radio broadcast industry. These efforts resulted in a 62% ($5.5 Million) increase in North American sales in 6 months and a 151% ($2 Million+) increase in EBITDA in 12 months.

Prior to Broadcast Electronics, Steve served 10+ years in the commercial printing industry in Washington, DC.

Among Steve's key achievements:

  • Resolved Complex Intellectual Property Dispute.     Despite highly strained relations between the parties, Steve successfully negotiated a complex, multi-party deal with disenfranchised partners in Metro DC Wholesale Co.'s strategically central Internet & Catalog marketing programs.  Steve obtained previously disputed rights to all intellectual property developed by Canadian partners, and negotiated the reduction of the partners’ participation in future revenues from over 80% to 0%; contributing an estimated $400,000 to annual profits.

  • Reorganized Alternative Media Business.     Spearheaded effort to focus Campus Concepts' scarce resources on the most profitable products.  Efforts resulted in the shuttering of the company’s founding publication, an immediate annual cost reduction of $1 Million, and a $2 Million revenue increase in the company’s highly profitable sponsorship line.

  • Restructured JTECH Communications from Business Unit to Functional Organization.     Eliminated a layer of management.  Rebuilt corporate and field sales teams, and call center.  Institutionalized management fundamentals – expense controls, incentive compensation, performance planning and assessment, training, reporting, and forecasting.  Reversed 6 month U.S. revenue decline in 60 days.  Efforts resulted in $3.4 Million (19%) sales increase and a cost of sales reduction to 25%, from 29% in first year.

  • Rationalized Broadcasts Electronic's Distribution.     Established appropriate, discrete channels for each product line. Largely eliminated previously rampant channel conflict.  Rebuilt damaged distributor network and direct sales team.  Recruited focused channel managers.  Clearly defined channel performance and implemented strong performance incentives.  Created company’s first business forecast and revenue reporting system.  Instituted sales training.  Initiated Key Account Management Program.  Personally developed senior relationships with national accounts.  Closed $1.5 Million deal with Entercom Communications.  Sales up 62% ($5.5 Million) in six months; 21% first year.  EBITDA up 151% ($2 Million+) increase in EBITDA in 12 months.

  • Rationalized Broadcasts Electronic's Product Line.     Took low-margin products to end of life. Reallocated marketing resources from general advertising to readable, targeted campaigns.  Initiated telemarketing and direct mail programs.  Negotiated $16 Million strategic partnership with ABC, resulting in co-branding of BE and ABC products.  Reduced advertising and marketing expenses 24%, while increasing revenue.  EBITDA up 151% ($2 Million+) increase in EBITDA in 12 months.

  • Sustained Annual Company Revenue Growth of 24% (Industry = 3%); Raised Net Income From 1% To 7% -- Near Top of Industry

Steve holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and an A.B. in Economics from Bard College.

Steve is a DC native and proud father of two sons, Peter and Chris.

Summary Bio

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