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Key Project Bottleneck?

The difference between success and failure can come down to the execution of a couple critical initiatives.  Large companies often depend upon top outside experts - like Bain and McKinsey - for mission critical projects.  Independent companies rarely have this luxury, but often lack the internal resources and bandwidth required for success.  Bootstrapped projects rarely deliver the desired results.  Project bottlenecks can often be cleared with "off the shelf" management know-how, smartly applied.

Please consider.

Do you really have the necessary expertise in-house?

Who owns the outcome?  Without a spirited champion, any endeavor will fail.

What incentives does your project champion have?  Goal alignment is critical to performance.

What abilities does success require?  The Peter Principle is a top project killer.

Are available resources sufficient?  Untimely bootstrapping can undermine the most brilliant effort.

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