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The operating experience, expertise and resources...are invaluable.

Bill Cunningham

Managing Partner



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Do You Know the #1 Mistake?

The #1 mistake made by owners of struggling companies is not acting soon enough.  Companies exhibit early warning signs of distress - profits disappear, days payable increase, the credit line gets tapped.  Most businesses can operate for some time before a full blown cash crisis erupts.  This time represents a window of opportunity.

For companies that act aggressively, there is a tried and true path to restoring value.

Please consider.

Do you understand the profitability of each of your products? Services? Clients? Divisions?

What are you doing about those that are unprofitable?

Do you have a turn-around plan that your creditors will support?

Do you have enough cash to survive a Turn-Around?

Do you have a team that can execute your Turn-Around plan?

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