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Situation    Recruited by Leading Private Equity Group to help turn-around under performing business. Key responsibilities included global revenues of $22 Million, $6 Million operating budget, 12 direct reports, staff of 65, and 200+ member global distributor network.


Execution   Restructured Company from Business Unit to Functional Organization.  Eliminated a layer of management.  Rebuilt corporate and field sales teams, and call center.  Institutionalized management fundamentals – expense controls, incentive compensation, performance planning and assessment, training, reporting, and forecasting.  Reversed 6 month U.S. revenue decline in 60 days.  Efforts resulted in $3.4 Million (19%) sales increase and a cost of sales reduction to 25%, from 29%.


Led Price Increase.  Led 7.5% general price increase.


Eliminated Warranty Replacement Program, saving $600,000 annually.


Results         • Increased Worldwide Revenue $3.4 Million (19%)
 • Increased Gross Margin 4 Points
 • EBITDA to $1.6 Million (113% Increase)


                    Helped facilitate Private Equity Group's successful sale of company.

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