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Commercial Printing

Situation     Hired by Founder / CEO when total company revenue was $3.5 Million.  Tasked with building a sales team, creating a marketing program, and accelerating growth.  Key responsibilities included sales team revenue of $5 Million, sales and marketing budget of $1 Million, and staff of 8.

Execution    Reorganized Direct Sales.  Reduced staff to two.  Rebuilt a team of eight.  Achieved near zero employee turnover and 56% annual team sales growth for 3 consecutive years, driving annual company growth of 24%.  Industry averaged 3% for same period.


                  Launched New Product Line.  Identified opportunity to enter new market segment. Successfully pitched board to make $2 Million investment in plant and equipment.  Achieved 100% capacity utilization in 6 months; 18% ROI.


Results         • 3 Year Revenue CAGR = 24% (Industry = 3%)

                      • Raised Net Income From 1% To 7% -- Top Industry Quintile

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