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Case Studies

Commercial Print     Hired by Founder/CEO when total company revenue was $3.5 Million.  Tasked with building a sales team, creating a marketing program, and accelerating growth.  Reorganized direct sales and launched new product line.  Achieved sustained Compound Annual Growth Rate of 24% (Industry = 3%).  Raised Net Income from 1% to the top industry quintile.                                  Read More

Communications Products     Recruited by Leading Private Equity Group to help lead turn-around of portfolio company with global revenues of $22 Million.  Restructured company from business unit to functional organization.  Led price increase.  Increased annual revenue by $3.4 Million (19%), Gross Margin by 4 points, and EBITDA to $1.6 Million (113% Increase).                                                                     Read More

Equipment & Software     Hired by CEO of matrixed, multi-SBU company confronting declining sales, legislation-driven consolidation of its US client market, and an underperforming product launch.  Developed and implemented new corporate strategy, rationalized distribution, and rationalized the company's product line.  Increased North American sales $5.5 Million (62%) in 6 months.  Reduced marketing costs by 24%.  EBITDA up 151% ($2 Million+) in first year.                                          Read More

Alternative Media     Hired by Founder & CEO to help turn-around unprofitable, insolvent company. Reorganized Business.  Doubled Gross Margins.  Reversed $500,000 EBITDA loss, generating $2 Million positive EBITDA.            Read More

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