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...we grew cash flow

and profits.

Mike Malik

Founder & CEO

Triad Communication


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Are You Wrestling Rapid Growth? 

The best entrepreneurs are rarely the best operators.  High growth potential companies often have a terrific product, service, or franchise value, the strength of which is not fully reflected in their business results.  Growth bottlenecks can often be cleared with "off the shelf" management know-how, smartly applied.

Please consider.

What has happened to the quality of your product or service as volume increased?

What would Deming say about your business processes, systems, and training?

Who on your team is responsible for the nuts and bolts of building a scalable and sustainable business operation?

Have they successfully scaled a business before?

Do they own the outcome and are they being compensated for quantitative results?  Without a spirited champion, any endeavor will fail.

How did you select your sales channel?  How's performance?

How much cash do you need to reach your growth goals?  For what?  Where is it coming from?

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