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The operating experience, expertise and resources...are invaluable.

Bill Cunningham

Managing Partner



Are you headhunters?

No.  Conventional C(x)O search routinely underperforms - both in terms of landing top talent  and in terms driving shareholder returns.  Equity Corps is an alternative to conventional C(x)O search.  We specialize in helping independent business owners, for whom today's executive talent market holds both the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities.  (For more info please see - For Founders, Owners & CEOs and Executive Talent Market Overview.)


While core competent in executive search, our passion is shareholder value.    We are C(x)Os with records of success.  Not HR folk.  We offer the relationships, resources, and expertise of our network of Operating Executives in service of   —   1) your search for a new C(x)O, 2) your Equity Corps C(x)O once on the job; and 3) your business mission.


How are your services different from a recruiter?

Equity Corps helps independent companies beat the C(x)O search odds - acquire top talent and outperform financially.  This requires we differ from conventional C(x)O search in three  ways.

Proven C(x)Os Fast  (vs. months and months)

Business Results Focus  (vs. staffing focus)

Win-Win Fee Structure  (vs. lump sum fees)


Do you have a specialty?

Yes.  Our focus is Leadership - Critical Mission, Enterprise, and Functional.  We recruit Operating Executives that are capable critical mission leaders.  In addition, Equity Corps Operating Executives are proven enterprise or functional leaders.



Are you turn-around practitioners?

Our clients use us to bridge leadership transitions, manage rapid growth, expedite critical projects, and restore performance.  We frequently help companies improve financial results and occasionally work bankruptcies.  We are not workout specialists.


I would never use an interim.  Why should I care about Equity Corps?

Understood.  Our primary focus is providing you the right operating executive for your situation, exactly when needed.  If we can do that, we then work with you to customize an engagement that makes sense for you.   Because we have designed Equity Corps to be flexible, we can offer you a high degree of control over engagement term and structure.


Do you compete with management consultants?

We do not.  We sometimes work with consultants and our services are complementary.  Equity Corps helps companies meet challenges that require proven Operating Executives.  We execute.  We do not conduct studies or produce reports.



How are engagements typically structured?

Many client prefer their C(x)O serve as an employee.  We are flexible, and offer you a high degree of control over engagement term and structure.  Engagement structures can include month-to-month, test drive, fixed term, and permanent.

How do you vet Equity Corps team members?

We rigorously screen, interview, and investigate prospective new Operating Executives prior to inviting them to join the Equity Corps team.  These tasks are personally conducted by Equity Corps Principals with extensive recruiting and hiring experience.  We only invite Operating Executives who we would hire ourselves to become team members.  At a minimum, this level of scrutiny is comparable to that experienced by an executive candidate in becoming a "finalist" in a typical search.


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