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founder's 90 Second recruiting check-up

How well are you and your company prepared to acquire and operate with top outside executive talent?  Ask yourself the following questions:

1.      Have you taken personal ownership of your search?  Is filling your leadership gap on your To Do list? 

2.      Is your train running on time?  Do you have a search schedule?  Have you set a start date?  By when must you have a candidate slate?  By when must you be extending and offer?

3.      Does your team add value to your decision process?  Does each member of your recruiting team understand the value that you expect from them?  Does each have clear responsibilities? 

4.      Do you have an effective position specification?  Do you know the two or three key characteristics your C(x)O must possess; and the characteristics on which you can compromise?

5.      Do you have a strong point person?  One whose job is building you a pipeline of top candidates?  Do they possess the professional network, executive credibility and communications skills necessary to quickly bring in top talent?

6.      Is everyone on your team on the same page?  Can you clearly explain your hiring process and company vision?  Have you prepared to answer tough questions from a top prospect?  Will they get the same answers from everyone on your team?

7.      Have you prepared clear performance expectations?  Are they written and realistic?  Do past performance, business status, market conditions support the desired performance?

8.      Have you drafted the compensation plan?  Does it provide the type of rewards that will attract a top performer?  Have you included both short-term and long-term incentive compensation?  Is it clear and unambiguous?  Can you discuss it in detail?

9.      Have you considered due diligence?  Do you have a Confidentially Agreement ready to go?  Have you prepared a list of due diligence items?  Is your package ready to FEDEX?

10.    Are you prepared to make a winning offer?  Have you drafted an offer letter?  Is your Employment Agreement fair and balanced?  Does your legal counsel for contract negotiation have a strong history of getting executive employment deals done? 

11.    Do you have a high probability of closing?  Does your corporate vision for the future pay out for a top prospect?  Will your vision withstand scrutiny?  Are you thinking positive sum?

Affirmative responses indicate strong preparation to win with outside leadership.  Each time you answer “no” you have uncovered a vulnerability.  Equity Corps can help you land a terrific new C(x)O and simultaneously build a stronger foundation for winning with top talent.

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